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Unique Home Design Trends Worth Trying

Unique Home Design Trends Worth Trying

Choosing a design for your home can be challenging and stressful. You can like one look and your roommate or partner love the complete opposite, making home designs hard to settle on.

Unique Home Design Trends Worth Trying

The best plan may be to come up with something totally unique that you won’t have to try to compromise on because you want to be sure everyone’s happy with the home design choice. We’ve compiled a list of unique and trendy home designs worth trying.

Make a Nook

One of the best trends in home designs right now is doing away with previously wasted space. Converting odd empty space into nooks will make your minimalist dreams come true. You could install floating shelves and create a new office space. Or you could install a counter and turn it into a coffee bar. You could even put up a little chair and some books and have yourself a reading nook.


Unique Home Design Trends Worth Trying

Faux fur and velvet are making a comeback in the world of home designs. By keeping the tones dark and simple, you can incorporate some really eye-catching accents that will add warmth to your room. This trendy home design will make you feel like royalty with its classy look.

Unique Lighting

More and more designers these days are creating beautiful and unique lighting fixtures that will definitely pop in your home. If you prefer or more simple home design with a focal point or accent piece, look no further than this design trend. These unique light fixtures can be an expensive part of your home design, but if you’re going for a basic look with one eye-popping focal point, this is your home design.

Raw Wood

Unique Home Design Trends Worth Trying

This home design trend takes a lesson straight out of the book from lodges and wood cabins. Raw wood creates a beautiful and captivating design that’s sure to spruce up any room. From table tops to counters, raw wood can really make your home design unique as well as gorgeous.

Layering Patterns

Layered patterns have become one of the most popular home design trends. From having multi-patterned pillows with matching colors to layering up with double curtains, you can make this home design completely unique and beautiful.

Deciding on your home design can be challenging with so many great looks to choose from. It’s important to consider your personality and what you like looking at. You’d hate to pick a home design that you’ll grow sick of before you have the finances to redo the décor.

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