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DIY ways to fix your air conditioner

As summer quickly approaches, one of the most common, and frustrating problem homeowners will experience is air conditioner trouble. When struggling through some of the hottest days and nights, having an air conditioner that doesn’t work properly can cause you a lot of worry, sweat, and money.

DIY ways to fix your air conditioner

While calling in a professional to take care of your AC issues can be quite costly and of course inconvenient, taking a few steps to fix your AC yourself can be done with little to no added stress. Read on for more information on how to get your AC back in working order.

Fixing Your AC

While you may be no professional, here are few tips and tricks for air conditioner repair in Louisville KY.

1.  Check the breaker

If your AC isn’t starting at all, part of the problem might be that your breaker has been tripped. For homeowners that run several appliances, the breaker can become overworked and trip, causing the AC to turn off. Oftentimes, a simple check of the breaker can solve your AC woes in no time.

2. Take a look at the thermostat

The thermostat may sometimes be set above the room temperature in your house. This will ensure that your AC doesn’t blow any air that is lower than this set temperature.

DIY ways to fix your air conditioner

Additionally, you need to make sure that the setting for your unit is set to “cool” rather than “off”, “heat” or “fan” as this will prevent your AC from blowing cool air as well.

3. Change the AC filter

Most people might not realize that a consistent change of the AC filter will ensure that your AC unit keeps running well. Filters periodically get clogged and dirty and will cause your unit many problems.

DIY ways to fix your air conditioner

With a clogged filter, the air flow will be compromised and oftentimes, no cool air will come through at all. Avoid any issues like this by taking the time to change your filter regularly.

4. Examine the air ducts

To check out your AC ducts, you will need to climb through your attic and take a look. If there is dirt blocking the ducts, this can be the reason your AC isn’t working. Sometimes, a register within these air ducts may have been closed and can be the reason your ducts aren’t working properly. By simply checking to see if the air in your ducts is flowing, you can potentially solve your AC problem.

If you have noticed your AC isn’t up to speed, don’t worry! Follow these helpful tips and you’ll start to chill out in no time.

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