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The Safest Ways To Clean Your Carpets

A clean carpet is a must is every household, but most of us don’t really know what it takes to make it safe for our health. Luckily, we’ve done a research for you and came up with a list of ways to clean your carpets without making any harm to yourself or to the people around you.


How can you clean your carpet


There is more than one way to clean your carpet. The traditional vacuum cleaning is not enough if you’re running a big household with frequent comings and goings. Besides using a vacuum cleaner, you need additional support from different cleaning products.


Basically, you can use two different types of cleaning: dry cleaning and steam cleaning. In both cases, you will be using chemicals – sorry for breaking the myth on steam cleaning. Both ways have its advantages – for example, dry cleaning doesn’t use too much water, so your carpet will dry faster (which will reduce the chances of growing mold and bacteria on it). On the flip side, a steam cleaner is far more efficient – it helps to remove 97% of dust and dirt from your carpet. The best part is – it will get through all the layers of the carpet, even the deepest ones!  Look at this amazing tutorial by Carpet Cleaning Rhode Island.


Using water only ain’t going to cut it


Although water can clean your carpet, it cannot take all the stains and odor from it, especially if you have a pet. Without using chemicals in your cleaning, your carpet will smell bad and actually won’t be any cleaner despite the fact that you washed it. Water can remove the basic layer of dirt and debris, but for a more detailed and healthier cleaning, you have to use additional products.


Chemicals free cleaning?


Luckily, chemicals aren’t the only cleaning option available. If you want the safest one, you can use some kitchen ingredients. For example, baking soda is a great choice for the removal of stains – all you need to do is to mix a teaspoon of a baking soda with some water and spray it over your carpet. Let it sit there overnight and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. The other useful recipe is a white vinegar – mix a half of a cup of white vinegar with 2 l of water and spray it over your carpet. Finally, you can use lemon juice which will help you to remove even the ugliest odor from it.


Finding your way


Chemicals like chlorine and ammonia are contained in some of the cleaning products. Using those can affect your health, especially if you’re allergic to some of these substances. Another thing you might look out for is using products that are dyes and perfume free. These can cause some serious side effects mostly for pet owners.


You might also want to check out some professional cleaning services. Browse the web or ask your friends and family to help you out. Using a professional service can come with a price, but will definitely help you to have a safer and healthier carpet cleaning.



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