Hack Your Bedroom: Awesome Decorating Ideas

Remodeling of a bedroom does not necessarily need to be expensive or large. The secret to a cheap remodeling is in details. Choose the smallest things you can change in your bedroom decor: change sheets, curtains or paint walls.

Even yet – change the furniture arrangement in the room. Move your bed to the other wall or replace the night stand with a lazy bag – no matter how small the change may seem, it will give you the sense of remodeling without costing you too much.

sliding door in bedroom

If you want lasting results, you should think about some bigger changes. A nice place to start is a door and usually, it’s the most affordable thing, too. Let’s break this into several easy to follow steps.

How a door change can get me the results

The easiest thing you can do with your bedroom door is to repaint them. A nice color can add so much to your bedroom design, and you will get the results the quickest. On the other hand, you can reach out to some handles change. There are several different types and styles you can select.  Sliding barn doors are the hottest new trend hitting the market, and have people saying wow!

However, for massive results, you might want to think about a door replacement. It’s a huge change but won’t turn out to be as expensive as you might think.

Which door should I choose

Achieving the best results with a door change can be tricky because you can’t choose any door for the bedroom. You should consider having sliding barn door instead of regular ones and here’s why.

#1 You want to make an atmosphere

A bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house: it’s a place where you can be alone or with someone you love. It’s a place for relaxation and gathering your thoughts after long workdays and stressful job. Having a sliding barn door in your bedroom will help you to set up boundaries and disconnect with the rest of the house. Sliding door will help you to create the atmosphere you need to recharge your batteries and get well rested for the next day.

sliding barn doors

#2 You want to make a statement

Since the bedroom is so important in the overall design of your home, having a sliding barn door will bring some boldness in it. There are various styles and material that can help you shape the statement of your bedroom, and they range from gothic inspired sliding door to more traditional or totally eclectic. On the flip side, the material choice in itself can also make a powerful impact on your bedroom’s design: choosing wood over metal is for those who like to keep things natural and simple. Another great hack is to match the door hardware with the style of the door.

#3 You want the best value for the money

Don’t panic when you see the prices on sliding barn doors. It may seem expensive, but the truth is – it’s not. It’s an investment that will bring you the joy of going to your bedroom each night. It will help you to create a place where you will feel more relaxed and peaceful. And on top of that – you won’t be thinking about remodeling your bedroom anytime soon!

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