A Rock Star Birthday

Well, I’m beat. How many of you guys need a week’s vacation after throwing a birthday party for your kids? Ha! Anyway, my daughter decided to have a friend party this year and wanted the theme to be rock star. I scratched my head for awhile and then just decided to go with it.

We had a fun time.

The kids showed up and immediately started decorating their own guitars (made out of poster board). We had crayons, markers, stickers, foam stickers, gems. My daughter wants to be an artist when she grows up, so this seemed a great way to start her birthday. After they were done, we had to get some rock star poses.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the rest of the party because I was alone and trying to keep 8 little girls entertained. At one point the party evolved into a spontaneous pillow fight. Hey, we went with it. We’re go with the flow these days. But, we did pin the mic on the rock star, pop the balloon (one of the balloons had a little object in it and whoever found it won), duck duck goose (not very rockery, but again, the kids had fun with it), and then musical chairs.

I saw these cupcake ice cream cones on House of Hepworths and had to give them a try. I’d say they were a hit with about half of the party goers. Luckily, we had some regular cupcakes on hand. It was still a really fun project and I’d definitely try them again.

The girls were able to play chef and make their own mini pizzas. While the pizzas cooked, we opened presents.

Our little goody bags. The labels were printed before the party and the prizes from the games made up the goody bags (along with some candy, crayons and a little notebook for our fellow artists).

The balloon garlands were lots of fun, they are strung together with bakers twine. I wanted to make one long enough to go across the room, but ran out of time and balloons.

We had such a fun time and after 12 hours of sleep I can finally say that I’d do it again, just to see the smiles on my little girls face.

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