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Best Surge Protectors In The Market

A surge protector is one of the mandatory things that you should have in a household. It is mandatory so that it will protect the electric system and protect your whole house from surges. There are a lot of surge protectors in the market. There are good possibilities that you might be confused about which one to buy. In this article, we will see in detail the best surge protectors in the market.

Tripp Lite 12-outlets surge protector

Tripp Lite 12-outlets surge protector is the one that will clinch the top spot. It actually has great performance and prevents the voltage from reaching the outlets. The best part is that it stops all the powers once all the protection stops. There are twelve outlets and there also phone ports. It is obviously the best choice for simple home use and office use. It cost just 43 dollars. It has an eight-foot chord, and it is very sturdy.

APC 12 outlet P12U2

APC 12 outlet P12U2 proved to be a valuable one during the tests. But it provides power after the protection is gone. It has only twelve outlets, and it does not have any phone and coax connections. But there are two USB ports in this surge protector. There is a LED indicator that will show wiring problems or if there is a loss of protection.

Accell Powramid Air

Accell Powramid Air is a beautifully designed surge protector. It is round in shape, and it is not just about design. It has great performance, and it has gained a lot of positive reviews from most of the users. It has a two 2.4 amp USB ports and has six AC outlets. It costs 56 dollars. It is definitely the best choice if you are using it for lighter objects like phones, tabs and alarm clocks.

Tripp Lite 1-outlet SKI0USB

Tripp Lite 1-outlet SKI0USB is the ideal choice of power surge protectors if you are using it in your bedroom. As the name states, it has only one outlet and has two 2.4 amp USB ports. The auto shut off feature needs a very special mention. As it is compact, you can also use it for travelling. When it comes to compact power surge protectors, we are sure that it will clinch the top spot.

Furman Powerstation 8

Furman Powerstation 8 is a surge protector that can be used for high end and expensive appliances. It is the perfect choice for things like home theatre and other media equipment. It knocked down all the power surges, and it was proved to be a good product. It costs around 140 dollars. It has the capacity to turn a 5000-volt surge to 40 volts. Hence you need not have second thoughts of buying it. We are sure that it will live up to your expectations.

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