How to recover a lost phone

Lost property gives one of the worst vibes – mainly when the device comprises of our personal information like contacts, photos, and other private information.

Sometimes, lost devices can also infer “I don’t remember where I Kept it” or “I don’t realize my phone was stolen”. Even in situations like these, it is imperative to make sure your data isn’t stolen.

While gone are the times where a lost phone meant you have to forget about it and move on completely. In today’s digitally centralized world, lost phones can also be traced with the aid of technology and also locate a phone number, in the exact address.

The tips mentioned here will ensure the utmost safety of our phone’s data and also help trace your lost mobile phone.

Step 1: Call or Send an alert.

Let’s start with the basics! The moment we realize we cannot find our phone, one of the impulsive actions is to call and check where it rings- trickier if its left on silent. Although in most cases this is in vain, still worth a try.

Step 2: Text messages

This step is carried out once you realize you lost track of where you left it. If so, send a text message to your number in case someone should find your phone and know how to reach out to you.

Step 3: Back up and automatic wiping of data

Whether iPhone, Android or a phone operating on other Operating Systems, everything has an automatic cloud backup system in their mobile application. This backup system helps in keeping the network secure and hassle-free. Suppose you’re certain that your phone is stolen. In that case, you could use the remote wiping functionality to automatically wipe all the essential data that is connected to the cloud, lest the thief should extract your personal information. However, if the SIM card is removed, it can be a difficult task to wipe the data.

Step 6: Contact the mobile carrier.

The consumer cellular plan of your mobile or the network provider can help you erase the data on the phone and also assist you in taking further steps.

Step 7: Police Alert

One of the vital steps to consider after concluding the theft of your phone is to inform the authorities about the incident. The government and non-governmental authorities can generally get their hands on the tracking information, which can be intimidating for the ordinary people to fetch. Hence, use the power of these authorities to get your issue resolved.


Recovering a lost phone in today’s technological world is a tedious task. But by following the right measures and ensuring the safety of the device, it can be a piece of cake – but swift action is a compulsion.

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