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How can you naturally filter water at home?


Water is of utmost importance for survival on earth without which humans might not survive but unclean and unhygienic water might lead to health problems and hence you will need to find out how can you naturally filter water at home? It is the best way of getting purified water which is the purest water that is present on the surface of the earth.

You can use these methods for filtering water at home so that it is safe for intake as it is very important for survival so that you will not have to drink contaminated water that has high amount of bacteria, pollutants, sediment and chemicals. You can also use water filters for your fridge and keep your water cool and clean at the same time.

These methods can be of great help for you if you wondering how can you naturally filter water at home? This is especially important if you want to get clean and healthy water for everyday use, outdoor survival or emergency purposes. These methods include-



If you are looking for the most common and simplest method for purifying drinking water then you should boil the water as it is the best way of purifying the water so that it is safe to drink. When the water reaches the boiling temperature, it will eliminate the presence of contaminants, bacteria and other harmful compounds from the water.

Ultraviolet light treatment

The use of ultra violet light will help you to filter water at home in a natural manner as it is an excellent purification method that helps you get clear filtered water within a short span of time. Ultra violet light is very effective as it helps in killing a microscopic parasite that infests the human intestines. This is a very cost effective and emergency method for filtering water at home that can make water safe for drinking so that it will kill every kind of contaminants that are known to cause serious health concerns.



Using plants as water filters can be a natural alternative to the use of any commercially available water filter and you have the option of selecting from a wide variety of plants that helps in filtering the water so that it will become safe for drinking. The different plants that are used as water filters includes pine tree branches, core of cactus, lemon peels and cilantro so that every kind of impurities and heavy metals are removed from water for its safe use.

Gravity filters

It is an excellent alternative to other water filter method as it helps you get clean water with the use of the filter and this is achieved with the use of small gravels, sand and charcoal so that the water can be filtered out. The water moves from one layer to another so that it will gradually help in filtering the water so that you will get clean water after the filtering progress.

Iodine tablets

The use of iodine tablets is the best way of killing the toxins present in water as it is especially used for emergency purpose for filtering water so that you will get clean water outdoors, but since iodine is a chemical, its long term use is not recommended.

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