Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weight Loss Update

Ok, folks it has been 2 weeks since I wrote that last entry and I have an update for you (I know it was just published, but I waited). Some good, some bad. But, some adjustments had to be made.

Update #1: Lose Weight
First of all, after 2 weeks of attempting the SHRED diet I have decided it is not for me. I'm not going to throw the book into a lake or anything, but I found that the strict times you are supposed to eat your meals did NOT work with my lifestyle. I know that I could have made it work, if I had true and utter dedication, but I would have ended up making dinner for my family at 6 and then eating a dinner for myself at 8, etc. I also found a gazillion ways to justify not eating what I should within the diet. You're supposed to eat a certain amount of calories with your snack, and I'd eat a cookie and call it good. Ha! I know, I know. I love me some chocolate, though! Anyway, you get the idea. So, a new plan is in motion and we'll see if I can stick with it. More on that later.

Update #2: Exercise Daily
The good news is that I've been able to workout 6 days a week since February started. It has truly helped my energy levels, how I sleep and how I feel about myself in general. I love the T25 workout (25 minutes of constant moving is about all I can handle) but since we own an elliptical (hubs uses it to train when it's cold outside), I've added that on to my daily workout when my toddler is napping. It was kind of a bummer giving up my lazy-just-read-or-watch-Rachael-Ray time, but I know it's worth it in the end. And, I get to shower! Woo-hoo! A warm shower in this frigid month is alone worth the workout to me. Ha!

Oh, how I'll miss you, Rachael! 

Update #3: Do Not Eat Fast Food
Ok, so this one is a little tricky for me. I admitted I am The Laziest of the Lazies, so yes, I have eaten some fast food since my last post. But, in my defense (as if that excuses anything), I'm eating it only once a week. Yeah! So, I'm whittling it down. Hopefully, I will be able to cut this out entirely by the end of the month. It truly helps to have shared my healthy eating struggles with the blogworld, since when I drive by those golden arches, thinking a small fry sounds delicious, I remember I am going to share my struggles with you, and I drive on. So, thanks, guys. I appreciate your help!

How is your weight loss or eating healthy journey going?


  1. How is it so very easy to put on weight and so hard to make it go away again lol :) Well done you for starting, and good on you for still going!

    All the best, Eliza.

  2. I actually just started Weight Watchers and their new simple start is so easy. I am very much like you when it comes to losing weight. I like this because there is no counting, tracking or measuring. Plus, my family eats the same as me. I am doing very very well on it. You might want to check it out

  3. Well done! I started using the phone app MyFitnessPal a year ago, just eating less of all the junk food I eat - and have lost 40 pounds doing that. Last month I gave up my diet soda, and am now craving water. Yes, I know it sounds crazy - if you had told me this last year I would have laughed out loud and never, ever would have believed it. I'm also eating more vegetables, which makes my husband laugh - when we met 20 years ago, I only ate corn and broccoli, and those were rare. :) Keep upthe good work and keep trying! It's definitely worth the effort! ~ Emily in Michigan


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