Monday, April 22, 2013

It's All About the Shelves

I think the key to my sanity in a house with 4 little kids is STORAGE. That's what's going to get me through the day. During the month of April, we celebrate 3 of my 4 kids birthdays and with that a truckload of new toys, gadgets, and the smallest game pieces imaginable make their way into our home. Stuff ends up in the worst places, namely, under my feet. So, some storage solutions are in order.

First up, the boys' room!

Here's where we left off:

And after picking up 6 of these lovely shelves from Ikea, here's where we are today:

Ahhhhhh.....So nice.

Here's the little shelf unit we were trying to stuff all these toys on now:

Again, I'm in storage heaven. 

These cute frames and prints were also Ikea finds! I love the vintage car prints, you can get 5 in a package for $1 per print! I'm going to go back for their vintage flower prints for my girls room. 

My son loves seeing his most prized toys on display and the great thing is he can reach these guys with the stool we use for his closet. Win-win!

I'm just happy I finally get to display his blocks I made for him about 4 years ago! 

I am not the greatest stager for shelves, but since these needed to be functional as well as fun, I'm pretty happy with the end results. The little bins (also from Ikea) hold his smaller items such as Lego's, plastic dinosaurs, and action figures. 

And the fact that I'm not stepping on anymore surprises or tripping over that lovely ship is good enough for me. Ah, a boy's life!  

Next up, built-in's for my girls room! 


  1. Love love love the shelves! And we bought the same car prints from Ikea. I heart ikea.
    The room looks awesome!


  2. Nothing better than a little organization to make you feel more at ease and organized in your house. Looks great!


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