Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lamps, etc.

Lamps are fun. Because lamps are very versatile. You can find a unique shape of a lamp at a thrift store, take it home, paint it, fix it up and make it your own. I had fun adding ruffles and sharing a tutorial on how to do it to this lamp....

Sadly, the ruffle lamp is no more. Yes, a game of "hot lava" had my kids jumping from desks to avoid the lava on the floor (ever play that game?) and the lamp was knocked over and the shade was literally torn in half. Boo. I spent many days trying to find the right lamp shade to replace my beloved ruffles.

But look at this cute shade I found at my local Target. Oooohhhhh.....nice.

Except, it didn't fit! It was too small to fit over the bulb base.  See, we ended up switching lamp hardware around because one lamp broke....this one, to be exact....

We replaced it with this handy little pull switch. I like it, kinda old school.

But, then we were left with a new one for this lamp...and guess what? The lampshades wouldn't fit! Argh. I was mad. Like, pirate mad, apparently.

After many, many, many different lampshades (here's a tip---Ikea lampshades only fit Ikea lamps. Who knew?) We landed on this bad boy. 

I know, right? Kinda different. Before I beautified it, I wanted to let it sit awhile, test it out. It's not round, so it's a huge departure for me. What do you guys think? Keep? Make it pretty? Or start over?

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  1. I like it! very sleek, and crisp. I think it looks great the way it is or you could do some simple embellishments.


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