Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Girls Room Reveal

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share this room reveal with you today. It was MONTHS in the making and it took me finally getting off my duff and also a friend come to help me with her awesome experience and compressed air nail gun. These factors seemed to be necessary in order for me to finally, finally finish the board and batten in my daughters room. Lets just jump right in and see the difference, shall we?

Can you believe that's the same wall?? I know! Neither can I! Here's some more before and afters...

I love the little table by the rocking chair. It's a $20 metal table from Ikea and was totally worth the purchase. I'm even thinking a little makeover might be in order...a little paint dip on the legs maybe? Hmmm?

Here are some lovely detail shots....

We put the table from the playroom in her room for future tea parties and what-not. It may need a little makeover soon as well.

The rug is actually 2 bathmats shoved together to make a large, comfy, squishy rug for the kid to crawl on. She loves jumping on that weird little hippo and rolling all over her soft carpet. It's so cute. 

I love the board and batten. LOVE IT! If you want to do this, go buy a compressed air nail gun. They save you a bajillion hours in time and patience. I used lattice for the batten and the top trim was actually pre-primed, sell by the piece, 1x4's. Oh, fun fact---make sure you measure your wood, even though it's already measured on that little sticker, it's actually, probably, most likely 1/2" shorter than it says. Trust me on this, since I had to return a whole slew of wood because of this fun fact. They cut the wood "green" and then it shrinks a good 1/2 inch on the way to and in the store. If you knew this already, you are smarter than me. A lot.  

Ok, so lets take one last look at the before and after, because I love it so much...

And I officially call this room done. The end.


  1. Beautiful job! The batten is amazing and I love the "squishy rugs" idea. Clever you and thanks be for experienced friends who kick our hineys!!

  2. It's beautiful Meg! But I can't believe you painted over that awesome landscaping. Too bad you can't just add a room when you add a child, huh!

  3. I love it! It is so bright and fun! And I'm totally obsessed with that teal-yellow combination!

  4. wow....what a difference. It looks really great.

  5. I love it! I have the same chevron curtains in my room. I really like the board and batten.

  6. I LOVE IT!

    Requesting a post on the pom poms above the crib, please :)


  7. It's gorgeous! You did an amazing job.

  8. This has become such a nice and peaceful rooom.

  9. we just finished a board and batten project too! love love

  10. I'm so glad your little girl didn't have to grow up in the jungle, even though it would be kind of cool to be raised by a panther or something.

  11. What color did you paint the walls and where did you get the chevron curtains? Gorgeous room!!


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