Sunday, March 10, 2013

Girls Bulletin Board

So, we all saw that I took down our faded prints from our dining room here. (Mirror wall is still being considered for a revamp of the revamp). They were a nice size print so I didn't want to take them to Goodwill or anything. And, with my girls room makeover (still to be revealed) leaving a lot of blank walls, I thought maybe a little mini-makeover of the frames was in order. So, I removed the backing, took out the prints and the glass, and painted the frames. This took several coats because I was using acrylic paint, as it is still too cold to do any spray painting (boo!). 

I used plain white for the first 3 coats...

...and then applied a coat of crackle medium.

It gave it a nice crackle finish, but the white was making it hard to see any of the detail. 

So, I used "pearl silver metallic" mixed with an antiquing agent over the white 

It definitely helped the crackle pop and gave a nice texture to the otherwise smooth frame.

I found this awesome fabric at JoAnne's, purchased 1 yard with a 40% off coupon. 

Before I attached it to the old backing of the frame, I used spay adhesive to secure a layer of batting to the cardboard. And then I attached the fabric to the back. I used spray adhesive on the sides and staples for the corners. Just a simple desk stapler, because the cardboard was pretty thin and I didn't want any staples to come through.

Since I had 2 frames and 2 daughters living in the room, I re-vamped both of them to match on the same wall. I'm loving the framed fabric so much, I'm wondering if we even need to clutter it up as a bulletin board or just use it as art right now....

But, since the walls currently look like this....

....and this....

A bulletin board might be in order.


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