Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

So, we've had these prints on our dining room wall for a long time. I think they were on our walls in our last place, so for 10 years these lovelies have been adorning our abode. Heh. Anyway, they were starting to get a little faded...

Notice that nice, blue tint....Oh sun, why must you zap all of the color out of paintings?

Anyway, I thought a mirror would look really good in that space since it's (obviously) by a window. And I had my head set on a large, rectangular mirror that I could do some acid distressing on...but then I saw this:

And given that it looked like this....

Uh, yeah, I got a tad obsessed with round mirrors. And I just loved this one! I loved it, and in my mirror-travels, I found that those suckers are NOT cheap. And this was a deal! For a round mirror?? For a LARGE round mirror? C'mon guys! I know you know what I mean.

But, there's always a little catch with the "perfect" mirror....

(And I decided not to crop and just keep it real for ya'll), is that this mirror is a bit small for the space. Hmph. Grrr. Fine.

But, I refuse to get rid of this lovely mirror! We were meant to be! So, what should I do to fix this dilemma  readers? I need help! Suggestions! I need a solution. Please? Pretty please? Help! Stencil the wall? Frame it with molding? Add another element to the wall???


  1. Great price on that bad boy! What if you stacked two framed photos on either side of the mirror??

  2. Oh you were totally meant to be. I understand, the only thing I can say is maybe try finding a couple more mirrors different sizes and styles and make like a gallery mirror wall type thing. Although since mirrors are so expensive, I don't know. That is quite the dilemma. Maybe that mirror is the perfect size for a different space in your house? I know you'll find a way to fit it perfectly!

  3. It is a great mirror! I love round mirrors as well! Maybe you could do a gallery wall of prints around it!

    Jenna @

  4. Love the mirror, I'd say find some other funky vintage-y mirrors or prints of your gorgeous kids!!!


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