Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ikea Curtains turned Bedskirt

So, the playroom-turned-girls-room is coming together. I am almost ready to show you the whole kit 'n'caboodle. What is that? I don't know. Anyway, since we got rid of our playroom, we had to find some extra storage. That storage was found under the beds. Luckily for us, these bunk beds have an option to raise the base slats and give the beds about 1 1/2 feet of space underneath. I'm so glad we thought of this when we bought those beds! Uh, yeah, we totally thought that far ahead.


Anyway, we decided to put all of our clothes storage underneath the beds and they showed. And it looked bad. I couldn't even take a picture. It looked that bad.

Something had to be done! In keeping with my "must be free" theme, I dug up these Lill curtains from Ikea (dude, these curtains are $4 for 2 PANELS. I know!) I had purchased awhile back for my daughters room. I didn't end up using them and was going to return them but...ya I might have forgotten...ahem...

Anyway, a traditional bedskirt was not going to work with these beds because of the bed slats, so I had to get creative. I cut my curtains into strips long enough to hit the ground,  grabbed my handy staple gun....

....that's right...I just stapled them right onto the bed frame. Who's going to see under there anyway, right? And they pop right off with a flat head screw driver so I wasn't too worried about removal as well. I made several pleats and stapled them bunch to the frame. After I spent awhile under the bed (this project took a couple of days since I had to break for children-related needs), I ended up with this:

Hmmm....just a little too long, wouldn't you say? Well, that can easily be remedied!

And so the curtains/bedskirts got a little haircut! Oh yeah. I'm liking this. 

You always learn things from your projects, right? Well, this was my first attempt on one daughters bed, and I was less than pleased. I was a little worried about running out of curtains (which, I probably could have measured and calculated but I just sort of started and then was left with an entire panel leftover I could have used to make her bedskirt nice and full and fluffy).

So, my other daughters bedskirt got the full-skirt treatment. I used several strips of curtain on one side of the bed and loved the result. I probably could have used several additional strips and hidden those bins even more.

But, for a free project, this will definitely do. 

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  1. smart! very wee ballerina tutus for the beds :) love it!!


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