Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guest Post - Like a Sataurday

Hi y'all! First of all, I want to say thanks to Meg for hosting me today! I'm honored to be hanging out in her corner of the blogosphere today. I always love reading about Meg's awesome projects, and I'm totally looking forward to seeing the final product of her kids' big room swap!


My name is Rachel. I've been married to my amazing husband Tim for a little over 3 years now. Right smack dab in the middle of our 5 month engagement, we bought a house. Yes...We are crazy! I'm glad we did it though! It gave us a little time to paint some walls before moving in after our wedding. The house was pretty much a blank slate, and I have loved every minute of updating it and making it our own. Besides my cutie husband, decorating, and crafting...I love our crazy little schnauzer and coffee. Always coffee.

Rachel and Tim, Christmas 2011

My latest project has been revamping a couple of generic bar stools into something a little more fabulous. We have a low bar type area that divides the kitchen from the living room. I thought it would be nice to make the space more useful and add some extra seating.

gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

I started with these cheapo bar stools from Target. They were about $12 each on sale {and I had a gift card - woohoo!}. I've also seen several stools like this at different thrift stores and garage sales. I gave both stools a good sanding and then wiped off the dust with a damp cloth.

bar stools

I spray painted the stools with 2 coats of a black gloss from Rustoleum. When I'm painting furniture, I like to flip it over and start with the bottom side so that the more visible sections don't get scratches or dings in the fresh paint.

gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

I decided to add a little extra flair by giving the stools a dipped paint treatment. I'm a little late jumping on the dipped furniture train, but I think it is such a fun look and a great way to add a little detail. I taped the legs 6 inches from the floor, and then did another light sanding where I would be painting.

gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

I chose a metallic gold craft paint to complement all of the other gold touches I've been adding to the house {hanging plates, chalkboard menu, office chair rescue, milk glass lamps}.

gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday
gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

I gave each leg 4 coats of gold paint with a foam brush. I made sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before moving onto the next. {Read: I watched an episode of Downton Abbey between each coat.}

gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

Once the paint was dry, I flipped the stools and took off the tape. I love how they turned out! I'm not sure why I didn't jump on the dipped furniture trend sooner!

gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday
gold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

I've loved having the extra seating options over by the bar. It makes that area look like it actually belongs there. It has become a useful space for eating or working, instead of just a dumping ground for mail and other junk.
gold dipped bar stools : like a saturdaygold dipped bar stools : like a saturday

Thanks again to Meg for having me over today, and I hope the rest of you will hop on over to check out Meg's post and the rest of my blog! Have a great day!

Thanks for coming on the blog, Rachel! Those stools are amazing, I'm totally jumping on this paint-dip train (I really am, I already have a project in mind....). I'm so glad Rachel could come and share some of her sweet personality and talents with us! If you're interested in blog-swappin', leave me a comment or send me an email! Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Wow, I love those gold-dipped stools. It's something unexpected without being over-the-top. Cool idea:)


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