Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Boys Room Reveal

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to finally give you a little reveal for one of the rooms I teased about here. I have 2 rooms leaning towards mostly done, and since my sister keeps telling me I'm being mean for not posting after pics (which, I'll admit, that was mean), I'm going to give you guys a little look now at the progress, and then let you know some of my hopes and dreams toward having a completed room. Let's take a look back to the before pics, when this was my daughters room.

So, yeah, these aren't the best pics! I'm sorry, but you get the idea, right? Huge bunk beds, bright, Pepto-pink walls...definitely girlie.

Now, it looks like this!

The pink was painted a lovely "porpoise gray" from Behr. I did 2 coats and it went on pretty easily. This was actually the color we painted this room before the girls moved in. Funny, right? Anyway, we're toying with the idea of painting the top a crisp white or a light blue, but I was kind of painted-out and didn't want to go buy another gallon. Yellow and gray it is for now. And I'm ok with it.

The curtains are from the old playroom. The curtain rod was here from the girls flowy curtains and I think the playroom curtains are a better fit for a boys room. I changed the finials from a fleur-de-lis to gray orbs from Ikea. My hope is to spray paint the rod a matching color of gray come spring time.

I'm also hoping to get some floating shelves up for some book storage. For now, they are resting on the ledge along with the A-Z bookends, also from the old playroom.

His bunting, chalkboard table, lamp, car mat, and world-bulletin board, all made it down from his previous room.

Since we disbanded the playroom, the boy received the bulk of the small storage since his room had the space for it. I actually am fine with this since these are toys he plays with the most.

The closet also got a huge face lift and luckily, can handle tons of toy storage as well. (I just noticed one of his shirts is halfway on the hanger...ha! He must have been trying to get it off himself this morning. He's kind of a shorty).

The boy LOVES his new room and we often hear him playing for a few minutes after we tuck him into bed. Surprisingly, this doesn't bother me too much because I like him imagining himself in a fun little world before he hits the hay.

So, a recap:

Here's my to-do and wish list to finish up his room:

1. Hang up world-bulletin board
2. Hang up floating shelves for book storage
3. Paint curtain rod
4. Paint over the yellow? Light blue or white?
5. Find wall art to replace bunting

I'm sure this room will have some more little adjustments here and there. It's fun to see things evolve over time, so stay tuned!

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  1. Looks great Meg -- I LOVE the bunting!!



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