Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Fluff Your Pillow Pet

OK, we've all seen the pillow pets, right? Those slightly scary stuffed animals that can be a toy AND a pillow! How in the?? AMAZING! If you're my children, you HAVE TO HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW! And if you're my children's parents, you do NOT have to have one of those creepy and uber expensive toys, thankyouverymuch. It was a proud moment, when I put my foot down on buying those guys, I do NOT spoil my kids. So there.

But, my kids grandparents sure do! That's right, the word got out to the g-rents and what did my kids get for Christmas? PILLOW PETS! Yeah, hooray, the world is true and just and yes, they got what they wanted! And I will not admit that those things were actually a good travel pillow and saved us some headaches during the ride home. I will NOT.

Everyone had a nice, fluffy pillow pet, except for my little daughter. Lets check hers out, shall we?

Oh, man this guy is pathetic! The pillow stuffer at the factory must have taken a little break during this guys stuffing time. He came to my little gal pretty much flat as a pancake. And she endured it....(she sleeps on it every night), until I couldn't take it anymore! I was going to fix this for her, dang it! Anything she wants! Anything for my little girl!

I had a bunch of fluff leftover from my rainbow project, and gathered it all up....

 ...here's the official bag, that still had some fluff left inside of it as well.

Lucky for me, I found a little hole already making its way on the side of the pillow. I just grabbed my little seam ripper and helped it along.

I kept going until the hole was about 3-4 inches long.

And then I stuffed. And stuffed. And stuffed some more.

Before I sewed it back together, I made sure the pillow was nice and stuffed...and could still fold together.

Ah, perfect.

You know what's really hard? Sewing around fur. It gets all in the way and starts poking different directions. A real sewing pain, fur is. 

But look at this guy! So fluffy!

Just as a pillow pet should be. :)

And, for your viewing pleasure, a little how-to on how to knot a stitch closed. I'm sure all your advanced sewers out there will just roll your eyes, but I'm telling you novice sewers, this was like GOLD to me when I began my sewing adventures. GOLD! And hey, maybe someone out there hasn't heard of this and it will be a little gold nugget of goodness for them. So, enjoy! 

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  1. I Just made two stuffed animals for Christmas and I wish I would have know your knotting trick! It will definitley help in the future.


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