Monday, January 14, 2013

Burlap Wreath

*This post was written before the holidays and ended up getting lost and forgotten in the shuffle of other posts. But, I feel it is still applicable and you guys could always try it out in different, more appropriate colors, etc. So, enjoy!

I used to have this cute front door wreath.

But it melted. Sigh.

I've seen lots of cute burlap wreaths on Pinterest and wanted to do something like that. I have tons of burlap and even a wreath form from previous crafts so this was going to be a F-R-E-E project! Oh yeah!

This is some ribbon I had in my stash and although I wanted a chocolate brown ribbon, I was keeping with the FREE theme and went with this. It's growing on me. 

Here are my burlap flowers I made while watching TV reruns on my iPad. At 11:30 at night.

 Did I mention I was doing this close to midnight? Well, I tried hot gluing the white burlap, trying to make it poofy, but it just wasn't working out for me. So, I took my sage burlap and wrapped it around the white burlap and...stapled it on the back. Did I mention it was around midnight? The creative juices were flowing....totally.

Anyway, there are some areas I need to re-poof, but I think I like my poofy burlap fall wreath for now.

It works for a midnight craft endeavor! 

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