Monday, January 21, 2013

Burlap & Books

It's Monday everyone! (I know, duh Meg!) But, today is a special day because we are all home from school and work today. Taking it easy. Trying to keep from freezing in sub-zero weather. And working on some MAJOR bedroom re-do's. We're transitioning all the kids around and it is a major overhaul. I'll save you the stress of my pre-pics and show you the after pics soon. Lets just say we had to clear a path in order to get upstairs. It was a crazy mess, and my kids were in heaven.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a simple project. I've seen it floating around blogland, and have always wanted to try it out. I found a few old hardbound books at Goodwill that I was willing to tear off the covers (books are pretty sacred to me, so these had to be in pretty dire condition in order for me to tear them apart).

Some had some pretty fancy lettering...and look, it says "love!" I'm such a romantic. Anyhoo, I took my distressing ink and ran it over the binding, corners and sides.

It gave them that nice, worn out look.

Then I got some of my burlap from my stash and cut a thick strip about 3 feet long, and tied it in a knot on top of the books.

I like it. A lot. Almost good enough to eat...

....which must be why I put it on a cake stand...

....and covered it on up. 

For protection. What simple projects have you been working on lately! And, how are you keeping warm this winter?!? I'm FREEZING!


  1. Very very pretty! I love that they have the nice aged look! It is bitterly cold here too (Northern Canada) so I try to stay inside as much as possible with comfy sweats and a big fleece blanket:)

  2. Meg,
    I love the books tied with the Burlap!! I have been dying to try a project with book bundles like this but still can't find the time as i am now finally decorating for V Day and Winter inside the house.
    I hope you will stop by again once I get posts up featuring these decorations. Thanks so much for your kind comment!!



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