Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Kid Table Setting

I've always wanted to try this table setting for kids and for Thanksgiving I gave it a go...and it was so fun and easy...and can be used for any occasion!

I used butcher paper (well, it's art paper on a roll from Ikea) and taped it to the table. Then, I took my Sharpie pens and went to town.

Squares for the place mats, simple tic-tac-toe to keep kids entertained while waiting for the turkey...

 ...circles for the cups...

....and name tags kept kids from fighting over where to sit.

Do you guys get tons of "holiday" art projects from school? We have 3 kids in school so 3 different turkeys came home, and of course, I couldn't throw any of them away. So, we used them as centerpieces for the kid table and window decorations in the kitchen. The kids LOVED seeing their artwork displayed for all to see!

It was a great way to integrate their art into the decorating and the kids really enjoyed contributing to the festivities.


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