Sunday, December 16, 2012

And 7 Years Later...Angel Christmas Hanging

You ever have one of those projects you start and then put away, thinking "I'll finish that later," and then seven years go by and while you're cleaning out your closet (which just speaks badly in and of itself) you find this thing you didn't finish and by golly--you're going to finish it now!

Ever have one of those moments?

Well, I did. And it involved this beauty....

Each angel was lovingly hand-stitched on during many hours of Friends re-runs, while pregnant with baby #2.

Oh my gosh, just looking at this makes me remembers how freakin' long it took me to do all

Here it is all put together, finally! I was having trouble with the edging. The border. The gold trim thingamabopper.

It's definitely not perfect, but at least it's not showing the batting....

...I take what I can get. Besides, just concentrate on the pretty little this one...

...ooh, or this one!

Don't forget this one! It's so nice to finally have this project out and displayed for Christmas. It really was a labor of love and it feels good to have it done to show off. Ha!

UPDATE: Not 1 day after I had this out somehow one of my kids got chocolate on it. No one's 'fessing up to it yet, but it wasn't me.


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