Sunday, December 9, 2012

5 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments

I've noticed a little theme in my Christmas decorating the past few years. I always go for the simple, it seems. So, I thought I'd share some things I've learned! Here are 5 different ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments. These ornaments I've picked up over the years at the $1 store or at the $1 spot at Target. Easy and affordable!

1. Ornament Wreaths

Shape a wire hanger into a circle and unhook the top portion of the wire from the hook (you'll have to un-wind it). Then, string the tops of the ornaments through the wire. Sometimes, I find that hot gluing the top of the ornament to the ornament base helps them from falling off. The mini bulbs I just glued on to the ornaments already on the wire. 

In this example, using floral wire, thread through the tips of the ornaments and then tie and twist them around the back of the garland. 

2. Decorate your trees! I used yarn to make a large loop through the top of the ornament to make it extra easy to get over the branches. 

3. Fill your glass jars

I love this idea because it is so simple and yet adds such a huge impact. Just go to your $1 spot and grab your color scheme! I have used simple glass bowls as well as vases and apothecary jars. Each adds elegance in a simple, cost effective way. 

 Add a bow around the base for additional decoration!


 4. Simple stickers on existing ornaments

If you have a Silhouette or other vinyl cutting machine, the possibilities are endless. I don't have one, but I love to go to craft stores and browse the sticker aisles for these kind of projects.

5. Hang them on a ribbon

Again, another simple way to decorate any place in your home. I love to put them over windows, it gives the added bonus of showing outside, too. I've also hung them over the mantle and across doorways (with tall arches). These are so fun and easy!

I hope you enjoyed these easy and affordable decorating tips! Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I LOVE that wreath. I wonder if I could make it...


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