Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giveaway with Pick Your Plum - CLOSED


Happy Monday everyone!

I hear some of you are buried in a bajillion feet of snow! What a fun weekend for you guys! At least, I hope it was. Here we enjoyed some warm weather of all things, and were able to finally get our yard ready for our own winter storms. Enough boring weather talk, though. Let's move on to something more interesting...

A Giveaway!

This week I'm excited to offer you a fabulous prize from Pick Your Plum. These amazing gals offer swanky products at affordable prices...before anyone else does! They always have the hottest crafty trends available and even some things you've never seen before. Lets check out some of my favs....and there are a lot...

Look at those vintage style buttons! Love 'em!

Just in time for Christmas, these simple craft ideas can be transformed into beautiful, unique gifts for family and friends! 

This twine would look awesome on Christmas and birthday gifts! 

I'm always a fan of burlap....always.

Oh, this is so cute, I could definitely use this for my kids birthdays!

 So, the PRIZE! Pick Your Plum will send you a gift basket worth $75 of their most amazing and trendy products!

Here's how you enter: 

Good luck! And thank you, Pick Your Plum. 

Thank you. 


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