Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cardboard to Cars

Sundays are lazy days. Don't get me wrong, we squeeze church in there, with all the hustle  last minute craziness and time that it takes to get ready for hours of church. But, in the mornings, we get to be lazy. We roll out of bed whenever we want. Good chance there will be waffles for breakfast (if I have my say) from hubs. PJ's are the outfit of choice. And for a brief moment of our day, there is harmony. There is peace. We all sit in the same room, no TV's, no electronic devices, no yelling, and we just enjoy our activities. Sometimes, this involves making our own fun...

After my daughter's birthday party we were left with lots of cardboard...seriously, why does it take an army to open one box of toys these days? And why does it take so much packaging? In our case, this was a good thing. We broke out the Sharpie's and the toy cars....

...and made our own little town.

Cars had parking spaces. They had a drive through to McDonald's (very important).

They even had the 7 wonders of the world because we're cultured like that (and they were on sale at Michael's).

We had to draw in people for our little town...

And we spent the morning marveling at our own ingenuity and the peace that comes with being creative and entertained at the same time.

Sometimes it pays off to be lazy.


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