Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Rainbow Connection

My little girl is turning 7! I can't believe this, didn't she just turn 1? Didn't she just turn 5?? I know, life moves so very fast. This year her birthday falls on Black Friday and I knew we would be hard pressed to get a party going on that day, so we celebrated today! She picked the theme "rainbows" and we ran with it.

We had so much fun making the decorations and coming up with some fun party games. The paper rainbows I found on Clean Mama. I did a variation with poster board, I wanted large rainbows...but, that didn't end up working out so well. The rainbows would sag in the middle and looked all wavy, not a perfect rainbow arch. So, we ended up cutting them down quite a bit and now I would recommend just using cardstock paper. You make each color 1-2 inches shorter than the one before it. I would recommend cutting the blue (or last layer) about 3 inches shorter than the rest. With the leftover rainbow, we made "mini" rainbows, and set them around the room as decorations. The girls thought they were so cute and took them home as party favors.

We made simple necklaces with chains and clear plastic medallions. I bought a 1" hole punch and the girls punched out their favorite picture or color and added a sticker of their initial to the image. Modge Podge secured the paper to the medallion and we let it dry while the girls played.

I found this cute idea for a game on Celebrate the Big and Small and had to try it out. For some reason the store was out of white poster board (how???) so we bought black. I traced a circle using a cereal bowl and then cut out each with regular old scissors. We turned it over and glued on the tissue paper with a glue stick. The prizes were all either cheap-o candy or $1 items from Michaels. Take a regular brown lunch sack and cut off a good majority of the top (we left about 6 inches). Cut vertical strips about 2-3 inches down the sides of your bag. Place the prize gently on the tissue and lay the bag flat over the prize. Use packing tape to secure the bag to the poster. Turn over and have fun watching kids punch through the tissue paper for their prize! We made each girl answer a silly question before punching through the bag. We secured the saggy top of the poster board with small dowels and packaging tape. It worked like a charm and was a favorite of the party! 

Next we did a version of the "mummy" game, where you tangle up your friend in colored streamers. Gotta keep it rainbow! The girls loved this and the mess it made after was pretty entertaining as well. 

We also did a little art project that the girls thought was pretty fun. I found these little easels at Michaels, 4 in a package, for about $2 a package, I believe. I bought 2 packages. The "canvas" was chipboard I also found at Michaels, in the $1 section forever ago. I had bought them with nothing specific in mind and I'm so glad I kept them! I spray painted them white since they came in a lovely cardboard color. The paints and brushes were also purchased from Michaels and I'm sure we'll be getting a lot of use for them in the future! 

Rainbows abound pretty much all over the our nail polish prize (for the rainbow cake-walk game)... our rainbow cupcakes...

....and our rainbow labeled goody bags (keeping it simple, we just printed out different colors on standard labels and stuck them on lunch sacks. The girls each wrote their own name in with a silver sharpie and we called it good!)

We also used our labels for our rainbow party favors. 

And after a game of Dance Jams, I'd call the party a success! I know I needed a nap when it was done. My daughter had such a fun time and yes, we're definitely keeping those rainbows up a little bit longer.

What kind of party did you last throw?  


  1. This looks like an amazing party, Meg. I love all of the creative details that you have incorporated. Megan

  2. It looks like you all had fun! What a cute party. We will be featuring this today on the blog, by the way. Thanks for sharing ^^)



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