Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Frosted Front Door Windows

So, we have some pretty clear windows on our front door. And since we have a split entry, you can see the living room through the front door....from the street. I know, I've driven up to see kids laying around jump up and run back into bed. Anyway, it's always made me a bit nervous because anyone can just look in and take a gander at what we are up to...(I ended in a preposition...all you fellow English majors can take a whack at that sentence for me).


(It is really hard to take a good pic o f your front door....)

....ahh, that's better.

I did like being able to tell who was at the front door, though, so I taped off a little bit of the edge with Frog tape. I even took a putty knife and pressed down on those edges. I wanted NO bleeding. Then, I got my frosted glass spray and started spraying. It took about 3 coats to get good, solid coverage.

While drying....


 Can you see the difference?

 I sure can!

I think I will rest a lot easier knowing people can't see me running around in a towel trying to find some clean one wants to see that....

Hey, there I am. Hi everyone! My door is oozing's aliiiive! After this pic I took the putty knife and scraped off this gunk. What is this??? It's already coming back out. So strange.

Anyway, we had a little seepage through the Frog tape, which I was very surprised about since I had pressed down hard on the edges. Ah, well. I also had to open every single window and door in my house to air out the aerosol spray smell. Not good....! But, it cleared out after about an hour and then we had our frosted windows to protect outsiders from us insiders. Everyone likes their privacy, right?

What have you done to spruce up your home lately?


  1. I think it turned out great! Gives you added privacy and also gives a little something extra to the style of your door. =) Very nice

  2. I LOL'd at you seeing your kids hop up and run back to bed. :)

    I like the frosted glass, I never know what to do with windows like that. And yeah, one time our insurance adjuster came by (unexpected) and I had to run past the front door (and it's window) without my pants on. AWESOME.


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