Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Blogger - Room for Relaxation

Find Bliss in Five Minutes (or less!)
Four tips on turning your office space into a place of peace
This man cave of an office might be a little tight, 
but the warm lighting, rich colors and extra seating give it an inviting feel.
I’ll admit, my home office hasn’t always been the most relaxing room in my house, and on those days when I have projects due and customers calling every few minutes, I would often like nothing more than to just escape, even for a moment. It took a while for that thought to sink in, but one day it struck like a bolt of lightning. If my office doesn’t reflect peace and relaxation, how am I ever going to feel at peace when I’m in it? It was with this in mind that I began a long overdue redo of my study. What I found was that a lot could be accomplished in very little time and often with a minimal amount of cost involved.
Tip #1: Declutter
It’s kind of a no-brainer, but it’s definitely necessary. When your office is cluttered it makes you feel out of sorts. Instead of knowing where everything is and that everything is as it should be, you instead walk in to work with a sense of foreboding. Where did I put that invoice? Why do I have a stack of reference books in that chair? When am I ever going to have time to clean it all up? By starting with a thorough cleaning you can take steps later on to keep your office neat, clean and under control by just putting away a few out-of-place items each day.
Tip #2: Shedding new light
Glaring lights have a poor effect on the psyche and possibly on your health, as well. According to the Human Ecological Social Economic Project, fluorescent lights have been implicated in aggravating such problems as aggression, eye strain, fatigue, headaches, irritability, Attention Deficit Disorder, and learning disabilities. Natural light and imitation natural sunlight are the best ways to brighten your mood and to give your office a much more cheery look. If you have a window or two, take full advantage of them. Light-complimenting curtains tucked off to the sides and sheers that let in the sun will give your room a homey feel without muting that beneficial sunlight. And high definition natural lighting for your lamps and overhead lights can be found in just about any hardware store.
Tip #3: Throw down
One of the quickest changes you can make to your office short of painting is adding a touch of color and space definition with a throw rug. I found mine at a local thrift store in like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Find one that fits the width of your desk and extends a bit into the main part of the room (but don’t fill the room with a wall-to-wall throw, as the effect leaves the space feeling cramped). At the same time, don’t get one that’s too small or it will have little impact except to cause your chair to bump every time you pull it up to your desk. Once you find the right fit, base a few decorative room items around the rug’s color scheme. Pick out some new shades for your natural light lamps, purchase or repaint your picture frames in the same or matching shades, and buy or make a matching throw pillow or two for your office chair and any other chair in your room.
Tip #4: Add a comfy chair
That brings me to my fourth tip. Make sure you have a comfy chair in your office! While your desk chair may have ergonomic back support and all sorts of well-designed comfort, having a soft, cozy chair that you can retreat to not only gives you a chance to get up and stretch, it also give you a psychological break from your work space. Even if it’s a small chair in a small space, you can make it comfortable with a few well-placed throw pillows and a layer or two of soft blankets such as chenille or plush microfiber. And don’t feel like you have to run out and buy a new piece of furniture, either. You can most likely repurpose a little-used chair from somewhere else in your home or find one at a nearby furniture consignment store.
There are plenty of ways to make your office space your personal place for relaxation, from repainting the walls to adding artwork and even creating some functional yet chic storage systems. What ways have you found to redecorate and soothe the mood in your at-home work space?

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