Monday, September 24, 2012

Fresh Produce Clothing Review

A few months before I gave birth to my lovely little girl, I was contacted to do a review by Fresh Produce Clothing. I took a look at the site and was encouraged by the bold colors, numerous styles and array of products. They let me choose my top three things I’d love from their summer collection and they would send me one item in stock. Sort of like a raffle. It worked, though, because all choices were fun. I ended up (and it was my #1 choice), with the Fresh Produce Clothing gray cotton tiered skirt.

This skirt is fun and whimsical and oh-so-comfortable for my post-baby body. The waist was wide and stretchy, perfect for running after kids, holding a newborn and being nice and cool, not tight and pinchy, for the hot summer days.

Ok, so I know summer is now long past, but I was sort of waiting to lose some baby weight before modeling for you guys. Vanity rears its ugly head but I finally conceded that this was as good as it was gonna get.
I’ve found the skirt works for formal events (church, dinner with my hubs) as well as the common day.

Look, I got all whimsical and swishy on you on that last photo. It’s such a comfy skirt and I am so glad it’s a new party of my wardrobe.


So, go check out Fresh Produce Clothing for their new fall line, with cute sweaters, tunic tops and cardigans.


Have fun!


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