Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beautified Deck Chairs

I wish I had some proper before pics to show you. When I went to take said pics, I couldn't find our camera anywhere. I started to kind of freak out, because it definitely should have been somewhere! Then I remembered that hubs had taken it on a guys camp trip and oh-no-maybe-he-left-it-in-the-wilderness! Then I really started panicking. I tried to call hubs several times...if you know my hubs you will realize how futile of an effort this is. Work keeps him so busy, he barely has time to eat let alone deal with a freaked out wife. But, I tried. And lo and behold, he answered! And the camera was in his trunk! Whew! And WHAT??? Why would you keep a camera in the trunk of your car? I'm pretty sure that's not good for the poor thing. Luckily, ours remained intact from the treacherous trunk beast and I was able to take some fun after pics.

Our deck chair was the first thing I bought for outside when we moved to our house. Yes, it was a lone little deck chair amidst a sea of kids toys. I just wanted a place to sit down! Well, the chair has made it through 6 harsh summers and frigid winters and emerged a little less for wear and with a little chip out of the leg missing. It needed some love. Some freshening up. A new lease on life. It was totally headed for the trash heap when I decided to rescue it.

In comes Krylons Satin Periwinkle....ahhh.....if you look closely you'll see I didn't have enough to do the legs. Since this is a "free" project I didn't want to run out and buy more paint. And, let's face it, it's an old deck chair and is going to stay in the backyard. No need to trifle.

I took a hot pink "Dora" chair and gave her a makeover as well. We're slowly leaving the Dora phase (thank goodness).

Mamma Chair. Baby Chair.

Ooh, so nice and "new"!

It was a fun little makeover and my kids think sitting in them is way more fun now...amazing what a little paint can do.

What have you rescued lately? 

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