Monday, August 13, 2012

Review - Meals by the Week & Discount Offer

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You may have noticed that this is a craft blog. Not a cooking blog. Nope, no siree--NOT a cooking blog.

Cuz I can't cook.

I can bake all right...but cooking...well, let's just say my kids don't starve. That's the goal. We eat a lot of frozen pizza and chicken nuggets. Weekends are my favorite because hubs takes over the cooking. And he loves it. He's actually very good at it. We eat fancy when hubs cooks, eating things like caramelized onions on steak....pickled relish on pork chops....spicy corn....homemade Texas chili....yummy macaroni salads...I'm getting hungry just typing all this.

So, my trips to the grocery store usually include just grabbing the basics (fruit, cereal, milk, yogurt, etc.) and hoping I can miraculously pull a meal or two out of it.

It usually doesn't work.

Then, I got this bright idea that I need to make a menu and a list of all things. Brilliant, right? And, lemme tell you, it worked for awhile! I'm a genius.

Then I noticed that we were eating the same 5 meals every week. It was getting pretty redundant. Kids were starting to complain. So were husbands.

So, imagine how thrilled I was when this lovely company contacted me and wanted me to give their idea a trial run. Why not? I could use the help.

Meals by the Week is an online service that sends you recipes for the week and then generates a shopping list for you. You can even choose the store where you usually shop. They also give you the weekly deals from that store, so you can make the most of your purchases. Keep reading for a special offer to my special readers....

The menu generated is geared to make things as easy as possible. They give you a slow-cooker meal, a veggie meal (if you are so inclined) a meal to make with your leftovers, and a "quick-fix" meal (which is my favorite).

See the side panel that says "keep it, double it or skip it?" That is awesome because even though these meals are delicious, some I knew would not work with my little kiddos taste buds. So, I skipped it. And opted for a frozen pizza that night. You can also pick how many people you will be feeding and they will adjust the amount of food you need to buy. No waste.

Not only do they generate a lovely shopping list for you, they give you some basic food storage options to keep your kitchen up to date and stocked for any and all emergencies.

A sample shopping list that even tells you which aisle or department that object is likely to be located....

Right now, they are offering a 13 week subscription for $15. That's $1.25 per week plus a week free. It's worth it, if you are like me and need someone doing all the work for you.

Also, readers of this little ole blog can use this code good for 50% off a 13 week subscription. Just use 50DealBR480 at check out to get the deal. 

I wish you many great meals and easy shopping. Have fun!


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