Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Kitchen Mat

I have a dream....of a new kitchen.

Seriously, I've been getting the "let's get a new house so I can have a new kitchen" itch. Ever get one of those?

In my dream kitchen, I would have an awesome kitchen this....

And I'd have an amazing farmhouse kitchen sink....maybe like this....

And I'd have a round, wood kitchen table, with a thick, chunky base....maybe something like these...
Ahhh....I can just imagine it now. I'd have white cabinets with a black island. Bar stools so the kids can sit and eat and color. Bright windows and a floating shelf here and there....someday. In my dreams.

While I wait for my dream kitchen I'll have to settle for colorful accessories. Do you guys love Target? I do! I love that store. And not just because my hubs works for them. Serious. While browsing their kitchen and housewares aisles (which I have to do after every grocery excursion), I stumbled on this gem....

...look how colorful and lovely it is! I love how the yellow pops and it has red AND blue! These are all colors in my kitchen!

It was meant to be.


  1. I LONG for a new kitchen, too! I once had a great kitchen...then, we moved! Typically, moving makes things better, but somehow we missed this a litte. I so understand your desire to move just to have a better kitchen. I will agree, though, that rug is amazing! =)

  2. I always take a trip down hidden clearance alley whenever I shop there ;)


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