Sunday, July 8, 2012

World Map

Well, the quest to finish decorating my son’s room continues. We are S-L-O-W-L-Y getting there, but each step seems to take forever.

I’m learning patience.

Apparently, it’s a lesson I really need to learn.

Anyway, since I haven’t convinced hubs we NEED to finish the “batten” of the board and batten treatment I wanted (I’m wearing him down. Baby steps. More patience), I’m in need to fill the huge white space I created.

That’s where this world map comes in. I’m a huge fan of maps and I think they’re super cute in a little boys room. I wanted to do something along a map but wanted it to be more tangible and, frankly, cheaper than some of those options I’m seeing out there in Etsy-blogland.

My good friend Kristen suggested vinyl. Aha! Dingdingding! Light bulb!

Vinyl. What an answer. So, I found a boring old cork board at Target for $8 and want home and spray painted it some fun colors. Gave it to Kristen and she handed me back this….

Don’t you love it? I do! Pretty cool.

Since it’s a cork board, I guess we could use it to display other things on there….but I like using it as “art” right now.
And it’s huge.

I’m hanging it up with Command strips because someday I’m going to complete the board and batten treatment and I don’t want huge holes to patch up. So far, they are working wonderfully and nothing has fallen down yet.
Thank goodness.

And, thank you to those who gave me some great suggestions for my painted, striped curtains! I think I may have found a solution that I will share with you soon!

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  1. Thar cork board is such a cute idea! I love it! xo


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