Friday, July 6, 2012

Reclaimed Rustic Rooms

Reclaimed furnishings and rustic spaces are quite popular right now and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Getting in touch with our green side seems to have spurred the trend on. Many different styles go well with repurposed décor items as you’ll see in the post below. I’ve included some of my favorite reclaimed furnishings. Which is your favorite? Would you use reclaimed furnishings in your home? (Click on the picture for source).

Reclaimed décor 1
reclaimed decor 1 (2)
Reclaimed wood finds a home in a rustic bedroom. The unusual head (ceiling) board might seem a bit over-the-top but it certainly works here.

Reclaimed décor 2
reclaimed decor 2 (2)
A repurposed headboard in weathered green paint looks lovely with this comfy bed. The zebra print ottoman is a nice touch but a cowhide rug might look just as pretty.

Reclaimed décor 3
reclaimed decor 3 (2)
A console made from repurposed wood is just distressed enough to add interest to this dining room.

Reclaimed décor 4
reclaimed decor 4 (2)
Industrial strength solid wood planks create a gorgeous dining room table for six. The natural wood looks so pretty with the crisp white chairs and black accents.

Reclaimed décor 5
reclaimed decor 5 (2)
An old pallet gets a new life as a coffee table in this contemporary living room. The metal rollers add to its character.

Reclaimed décor 6
reclaimed decor 6 (2)
How fun is this bicycle converted to a vanity! The basket for towels is so cute.

Reclaimed décor 7
reclaimed decor 7 (2)
Aged two-by-fours are reincarnated in a dining table on a modern steel frame. The cowhide rug provides a nice texture to the slickness of the dark wood flooring.

Reclaimed décor 8
reclaimed decor 8 (2)
These bookshelves are made from recycled wood boards which add character to the space. The nest and egg painting is charming here.

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  1. Awesome photos Meg! I really love that headboard up and onto the ceiling. Wow, what a cool look!!

  2. Hi Meg! Just found your blog! This post made a follower out of me. Love the rustic reclaimed stuff! Can't wait to see more! :)


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