Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ellie Canvas

A little while ago I received an offer to review a product from the company Bags of Love. They take your family photos and create wonderful things with them. Like pillows, blankets, puzzles, bags and key rings. When I saw that they also did canvas, I knew what I wanted to review.

The process is very simple, just get on their site, upload a picture, pick your size and bam! Instant photo canvas. And the turn-around time is SUPER fast! Especially from a company in the exotic London, England (did you guys know I did study abroad in London? It’s true. I love that place. Oh to go back…I digress).

I got my canvas in less than a week (not counting the few days that it went traveling around in the Fedex truck because there was  a wrong name on the package and me being the absent-minded mom, didn’t realize the package was for me. Duh.)

When we got all that sorted out, I tore the package open to see this….


Yes, ladies and gents, my darling baby girl’s sleeping, angelic face.

In LARGE proportions.

Oops! I guess I ordered it a little big, eh? Well, you know what they say! Go big or go home. Or something like that.


I had to disrupt a few of my other pics to find a home for it. Even now I’m not sure if this will be the final resting place. What do you think?


And just to keep it real….


….I didn’t really bother to clean up for this little photo shoot….ya’ll don’t even want me to turn around with that camera….seriously…..

I’m seriously happy with what Bags of Love can do and the time it takes them to do it. Check out their site for some really fun, personalized ideas! All very affordable, I would totally use them again.

But really, what do you think of the canvas placement?

p.s. I hope (for us in America) ya’ll have a wonderful 4th! I wish you many hotdogs and hamburgers, watermelon and ice cream, and loud, glorious fireworks on this marvelous day. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful Meg. I will check this site out! Happy 4th to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. So sweet! Thanks for linkin up! Can’t wait to see what you’ve made this week!


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