Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spice Rack Bookshelf Take 2

Since we did a little remodel in my son’s room, I thought his little spice rack bookshelf needed a remodel as well. Here’s what we started with…


Notice how there’s 3 shelves and now there’s only 2? Yeah, well, little mister decided to try and climb the shelves. Like a ladder. Like he was a fireman. Trying to reach the highest book. Or maybe the roof of some imaginary building on fire. That’s my little guy---always the hero. Anyway, The bottom one came crashing down prompting parents to run like maniacs upstairs to see what the loud noise was all about (did I mention this was after bedtime?). Come to find a little guy on the ground screaming (of fear more than anything) and 2 giganto holes in the wall.

We spackled them in before we painted. Two shelves are plenty.


After using my favorite yellow spray paint, summer squash, by Krylon we had a little makeover. Looove it! Not too bright, not too dull.



So far, no injuries since putting them shelves back up. And little man (ok, his mom) is slightly in love.


  1. I love the makeover! That yellow is such a happy color. My son is outgrowing his PB white bookshelves (a hand-me-down from when his 15 y/o sis was a baby) and your spice rack shelves look much more appropriate for my now 8 y/o little guy. Plus, I think I can use his PB bookshelves as a plate rack (tee hee *rubs hands together in evil contemplation*). Thanks for the inspiration. Robyn

  2. I like the yellow as it highlights the books more! So very cute. In our son's room we're using a vintage dish display rack for a book rack but my office could use some of these!

  3. LOL at him climbing up them. Totally sounds like my kids.

    I loooove that yellow! Putting that on my MUST BUY SOON list!!

  4. Too cute! I am turning a spare room into a play room for the grands and I saw somewhere else where someone had used spice racks for books shelves! I thought it was a great idea! I love the yellow! Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Love this project! Have you linked it up with me yet at Wow Us Wednesday?


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