Monday, June 25, 2012

Painted Curtains

Well, I'm still working on the remodel of my son's room. It is slow going. I get stuck on what to do and need to enlist the opinions of many. This takes time. But, I was fairly certain I wanted yellow chevron or striped curtains. I thought it would be fun.

No one carries this fabric I dreamed up in my head! What's wrong with those fabric makers? Can't they read my mind? Well, ok, I did find a few fabrics. But, they were either out of it or charging an arm AND a  leg for a yard. Really, people, I need my arm. And my leg. They can't have 'em.

So, I decided to try and paint my own stripes. Cuz chevron was just a bit to daunting for me. I found these awesome white cotton panels at Ikea and brought them home to paint.

What do you think?

I ended up using a whole huge bottle of yellow paint and probably should have used another one because look... can see where it got all splotchy with the paint brush. Grrrr. If I had an ounce of patience in me I would have put another coat of paint on and avoided this whole mess.

I hemmed the panel using an iron on strip. What are those called again???

It was awesome. I may use this for everything hemming need now.

Anyway, the window is small, so it only requires on panel. But, I'm at a loss of what to do with the splotchiness. We have black-out blinds behind the curtain, so in theory you wouldn't be able to see the splotchiness unless we had those blinds open and it was a sunny day. Which, lets be honest, we'd have open a lot because who wants to live in a black-out blind room all day long when it's beautiful outside? 

And is it to circus looking? Too bright? Does the yellow not work? I still have one panel left that I could do something, all is not lost. 

But, some help would be greatly appreciated. Please.


  1. Will you be leaving the curtain closed all the time? If it's pulled to the side, the splotchy probably doesn't show, does it? And it's probably like any other project we do- our eyes go right to our imperfections, but no one else really notices. But if it really bugs you, maybe you could stencil something on the curtain on the splotchy spots and in other random places?

  2. I think it looks cute!! I actually JUST finished some drop cloth panels for a room in my house and had the same probably with the first panel. I ended up almost using an entire gallon of paint just for stripes to make sure it was all soaked in! They are tricky, I know :) You could get a little hook for a tie back and "swoosh" the curtain to the side. That's what I did on one of ours and I love! I will be doing a tutorial this week on my blog on how mine look if you ever want to take a peek! Anyhoo, I think yours turned out very cute!

  3. Maybe another coat of paint?

  4. I think the fabric may be too light for the paint. Adding more paint may make them heavy & stiff in the stripes. I think a drop cloth or heavier canvas would work better with the stripes. Premier Fabrics have a bright yellow chevron print & this fabric is relatively inexpensive compared to other decorator fabrics. It is currently $7.21 p/yard at :


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