Saturday, June 2, 2012

Guest Post - Coupon Pantry

Hello A Little Knick Knack readers! I am so excited that Megan let me guest post today! She is a great gal and friend and I am excited to be sharing a fun tutorial with her readers.

I have a little blog over at The Coupon Pantry where I love to share my great deals on groceries plus what I find going to thrift stores. I believe you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to feed your family or make your house look fabulous!
Amy and her cute son Isaac
I also hope to inspire and gain inspiration from all of you guys as I start the journey to getting my husband and I out of debt and saving money! Please join me, I would love to have you!

The Handy Dandy Diaper Holder

This project is perfect for you beginner sewers. All you need to be able to do is sew in a straight line. The mother of your gift will be so grateful! You just stuff this bad boy with wipes and a few diapers and throw it in your purse. No more lugging a giant diaper bag around with you!

1. What you need:
2 24" x 7 1/2" pieces of fabric
2 7 1/2" x 3" pieces of fabric
A closure, either a snap, button or Velcro
Sewing Machine

2. This is what will be your strap. Place the two pieces together with the fabric facing each other. Sew around both the 7 1/2" sides as well as one of the 3" sides. 

3. Next, cut the edges off making sure your don't cut all the way to your thread.

4. Flip it around so the fabric is facing out and use a utensil to push out the corners so they are nice and square.

5. Sew around the edges

6. Fold the fabric over to make them 12" and then sew up just the long sides.

7. To make the square bottom, push out the corners and lay them flat against each other as shown above. Make sure that they are as even as possible.

8. Cut 1" into the fabric and then sew each corner about 1/4" to close them off.

9. This is how they should look when you are finished.

10. Now with the fabrics facing each other, slide one bag into the other. Use the seam line on each side to line them up.

11. Add your strap with the coordinating fabrics facing each other. Sew around the top leaving about a 3" space so that you can flip the fabric around.

12. Flip the fabric around and iron flat.

13. Sew around the very top to close the opening and then I like to add a second stitch underneath to give it a decorative touch.

14. Add the snap

15. Stuff it with goodies for the new mommy! And then step back and admire your work!

And if you get ambitious, decorate a wipes container to match!


  1. That is really adorable. I lack the skills to make the square bottom....but super cute!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tutorial, thanks so much. (I came over from WFMW)

  3. seems straight forward enough and oh so cute!

  4. So much cuter than just carrying around a diaper and wipe case. I'd love it if you'd link up at Off the Hook.

  5. That is really adorable! thanks for taking time to post this!

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