Saturday, June 23, 2012

Front Door Mat

I bought a new front door mat for the summer. I wanted something bigger, lighter, not so scratchy for summer feet. My kids are always running in and out of the house barefoot and the painted mat wasn't working anymore.

This mat was a great deal on clearance at Target...$13! But, the edges were tan and just blended into the rest of the rug. I had it in my head to do a fun herringbone pattern, but let's be real...who has time to do that? Ok, ok, I just didn't know how! So, I taped off the middle and spray painted the edges black.

I like.

See how it pops from the front of the house? Now it doesn't just blend into the pavement...(which, if you look closely can see where I tried spray painting a candlestick holder in the dead of winter using only a magazine as floor coverage...oops....)

Now you can actually see it...

Only thing left to do is clean up all this yucky dirt and mud a recent wind storm blew into our front porch...'s on the siding, people! I mean, how does mud get stuck on the siding??
How do people even walk up to our front door without getting super scared? I would run away ! I'm not even going to enlarge these pics so you can't see the major dirty damage. Just take my word for it.

It's gross.


  1. That looks fantastic! Lodging ideas for later home decorating...

  2. I like your door mat. It turned out great. I also have a white house and when the siding dirty I use Mold Armor sidig cleaner or Clorox outdoor cleaner to clean it off. You can attach the bottle to your hose and hose down the house.

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos


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