Thursday, June 21, 2012

EBTKS Link Party


How are we doing today? Good? I hope so. Lemme tell you, life is an adjustment after mom leaves! I begin to realize that having an extra set of hands around is SO helpful. How can I do it all on my own? I'm still trying to figure it out.

Also, trying to lose this baby weight is driving me bonkers. I have no motivation and sugary snacks are my life. I'm thinking of taking you on a weight-loss journey with me so I have the motivation to actually do something. What do you think? Could you help me through this? I realize that this blog has always been about crafts and stuff for improving or just changing your home, but I can switch it up, right? Would that be too much to handle? Hmmm....Let me know your thoughts!

Now, here were the popular posts from last week....check 'em out...

Want some great organizing tips? Go to There Was a Crooked House for some goodies.

Lovin' this sunburst mirror from Setting for Four. You won't believe what the sunbursts are made of...well, maybe you will...I was pretty shocked but that's not so hard these days.

I've always wanted to try this...Recipes We Love shows us how to freeze herbs in butter or broth for easy meal prep.

These shoes are painted, people! Aren't they beeeautiful? Go to A Rose Sweet Home for the tutorial!
 Imagine this chair red and with no legs...can't do it? Well, this is how it started out before 551 East Furniture Designs got her creative little hands on it. Amazing, right?

Crafty Mama shares her FREE kitchen labels. Thank you!!

Time to party. Have fun everyone!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Meg! Love the features.


  2. Hi Meg, happy that you hosted and I had something fresh to share. Lots of fresh air today - didn't rain so it was garden clean up time.

  3. Oh yes, I remember life a a new mom. I was all alone with hubby working and mom only being able to some on Saturdays to help cook and clean. It was a hard first 3-4 months. Then I got a hold of it. I also had a lot complications after pregnancy so didn't start thinking of weight loss for a while. Good for you for thinking about it already!! Of course you can take us on a weight loss journey!
    Thanks you for the party!

  4. Thanks for hosting and featuring my painted shoes.

  5. Hi Meg,

    Those early baby days. . .my newborn is now a walking, babbling toddler.

    This week I've linked up our favorite Sunday night tradition-making popcorn on our backyard fire.

    Thanks for hosting and letting me share,

  6. Please check my blog for something special!


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