Monday, June 18, 2012

Chalk Labels

Did ya’ll have a good weekend? We took a weekend away and it was awesome. Sometimes, it’s so nice to take a mini-break from things. It’s good to be home, though! Always is….

I saw these on a friends blog and thought, “those would be so cool to have someday…” and then promptly forgot about them. I should always have a piece of paper and pen somewhere so I can write stuff down like this.  In my old age I tend to forget things even though I always think, “oh hey, I can totally remember that.” Grrrr.

Anyway….here are the labels. I looked for them at the craft stores but you can only get them at like, Staples. Good ole Martha, she has her own little section there so don’t bother looking for them in the actual “labels” area. She’s much too special for mingling with the commoners.


You get 12 labels for roughly $6. I thought it was a pretty good deal.  I ran home and used them on these….


…and these….


…after which I promptly went to my computer to look up if I spelled “scissors” right.

I did. Whew.


Now I feel so much more organized and crafty. All for $2 a label.


  1. I love your new labels. I have quite a few things I could use them on as well.

  2. These are so cute for organizing!! You could probably mount these to some burlap too!! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hey friend,

    I just read Marie's blog and saw you were asking about our baby. I just did a post finally, an update. Thanks for thinking of us and for being concerned. Take care,

    Shauna xoxox

    PS. I love this blog. So cute and creative. But I need your family blog. I don't think this is it. Take care,


  4. After I was done checking on scissors, I would of double checked everything being paranoid. I spelled Christmas wrong on some invites once AFTER having a conversation on spelling errors and proof reading with the very friend I was working on them with!



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