Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Post - Glass Showers Before & Afters

Remodeling Your Shower: Before and After 

One of the most drastic remodeling changes you can make to your bathroom is replacing your bulky framed shower door with a frameless glass shower door. To prove this point, here are some dramatic before and after pictures we have taken. As you can see in the after pictures, by going “frameless,” the frameless glass shower door adds light and openness to an otherwise small bathing space. It’s simply elegant with a modern flair. The below before and after is an example of a single frameless shower door, which is one of the most popular and simple glass shower door configurations available.

90-Degree Glass Shower Door Before and After 

 This is an example of a before and after of a frameless 90-degree shower door. By replacing the shower curtain and the outdated framed look with luscious frameless glass, you will turn your shower enclosure into a modern, attractive, centerpiece, while showing off your tile work.


 Neo-Angle Glass Shower Door Before and After 

Of all of the various frameless glass shower doors, the most trendy shower door style goes to the Neo-Angle shower door. The reason the Neo-Angle shines, is because it’s customized for your bathroom. The ability to have your shower enclosure custom fitted for the space, really makes the space look expansive and luxurious. Frameless shower doors are defined by their brilliant engineering. Pivot hinged shower doors highlight an all-glass door, balanced on upper and lower pivots, vanishing obvious side door-hinges altogether.


Bonus: Wine Cellar Before and After 

Glass enclosures are not only for the bathroom – as you can see here, here’s a before and after example of a frameless glass wine cellar. The glass frame allows the space to be temperature controlled, while still looking elegant from outside of the enclosure.


 About the Author Shahab Shokouhi is a Writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror -- a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, glass table tops, and vanity mirrors.

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