Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Blogger - Make the Best of Everything

Hey everyone! I'm so happy to introduce you to Kristen from Make the Best of Everything! She has some fun ideas so enjoy the post! Also, I hope you know how grateful I am for all your lovely and supportive emails! They really make me smile and give me a wonderful uplift to exhausting days. Thank you for taking the time to tell me your thoughts!

Guest room extras!

by Kristen, from Make the best of everything!

When a guest is staying in my home, I do think that it is important to always make them feel welcome.  I do think that it is the "little things" that make guests feel welcome. My husband and I live hours away from both of our families, and so it is importaant that our families feel comfortable in  our home and will want to visit often. 

I have added a few "extras" to our guest room, similar to what a hotel might have.

Guest Room Chalkboard: I hate it when I am staying at another person's house and I have to awkwardly ask " Can I take a shower?" or " Where are your towels?"  When I am spending the night at someones house, they may not always remember to tell you all these things.  This chalkboard I set up in our guest room helps people feel that They can help themselves to certain things in our home.

Guest Room Goodies: I set out a variety of helpful items for my guests in our guest room.  As you can see the towels are not perfectly matching.  These are just a few items that will be helpful to guests when they are staying at my house that they might have forgotten. I ALWAYS forget toothpaste when I spend the night at other people's homes

Water and Mints: I think that leaving bottled water in a guest room is a great idea.  In my house, we all go to bed with glasses of water every night.  Having a bottle of water in your guest area saves our guests the awkwardness of tip toeing through mykitchen late at night when they are thirsty. 

Having some mints and maybe some candy is just an added bonus to let our guesst know we appreciate that they are visiting us!

Watch out about placing mints on pillows! I once did this when my mom was visiting, and she didn't find it until about 3 AM! when it knocked her in the head!

Shampoo and body wash: Some people always pack these things on overnight trips. Others don't.  It is just nice to have these things out so  guests can help themselves.

Perhaps someday, my guest room set up will be more extravagant and have matching towels, but for now, I am happy that when someone visits, they know that I will do a little "extra" to make them feel welcome in my home.


  1. Those are all great ideas. Very good post.

  2. perfectly useful! great post!
    {the white chair}

  3. Great ideas! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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