Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cutting Edge Stencil Review - Canvas Pillows

After finishing the giveaway for Cutting Edge Stencils, they asked me to do a product review. Awesome! I love these stencils and have always wanted to try one. I picked the Casablanca stencil in large. Upon reflection, I probably should have chosen the smaller stencil for my craft project. The large one would be great for a big area like a wall, but the small one definitely would have worked better for what I had in mind!

The stencil kit came with a foam roller, a level and great directions. I didn’t need the level since I wasn’t using it on a vertical space, but I’m saving it in case the opportunity arises because I think it would be a wonderful addition to a project.

The directions recommended some specific paint and one was any craft paint from Folk Art. I picked 3 colors…lemonade, rose pink and licorice.
I did my first pillow using the licorice paint and I’m glad I didn’t photograph the process. (Also, my daughter told me that black was so boring and why did I always use black when I decorated?? Lesson learned. No more black).

It was lots of trial and error and I made tons of mistakes. But, that’s life in the craft world! You learn as you go!

I have 2 orange pillows that I bought awhile ago (my pictures of those are corrupted for some reason. Grrrrr.) and although I love the paisley pattern, I was over the burnt orange color. They measured 15”x15” and I had just enough canvas left for my little project.

The first go-around, I just put a huge piece of canvas down on my table, taped the stencil on the canvas with packing tape and went to town painting. Now, here’s where I made a couple of mistakes. First of all, I didn’t realize how much paint canvas sucks up. I ran out of paint quickly and was left with a lot of blotchy areas. Since I am the laziest person ever, I didn’t go get new paint to fix this until much later and by then the paint had dried and the canvas had crinkled under the stencil pattern. So, if I tried to fix it, the canvas would bend and the pattern would be smudged. Shoot. Live and learn. Maybe with a cotton based fabric this wouldn’t have happened?

My second try worked much easier. I cut a 17”x17” square (for seam allowance) and taped my stencil over that. It worked so much better! So did having a full bottle of paint ready for the job!

Then I taped the stencil, moving it so there would be a “center” for the middle of the pillow.

The roller worked wonderfully and the paint was a great choice.

I applied 2 coats with the rose pink to get an even topcoat.

After I was done painting, I pulled off the stencil and ta-da! A perfect stencil print!

Once that dried, I heat-set it by putting a dish towel over the top and ironing it on a medium heat setting. Then, I used my envelope pillow tutorial to make the pillow covers.

Here you can see the splotchiness of my first attempt and what happened when I tried to come back later for a 2nd coat.

But, here you can see my second attempt was much more successful.

They will live on my bed in the master bedroom (can I just say, that my room has somehow become a catch-all for all the random crud in our house? Not cool, people. Something must be done…).

But, they would look lovely on my couch as well!
So, the Cutting Edge stencil worked great for this little craft project, once I got my act together. Clean up was super easy and I just stuck the stencil in the sink and ran my fingers over the paint to remove it from the stencil. Then, I hung it over my shower rod to dry. I’m thinking this might be a fun project for the top of my girls nightstand, but I’ll have to try that after little peanut has arrived and I can inhale paint fumes again. I would definitely recommend Cutting Edge stencils for your craft projects! Good luck!


  1. I have tried the very same stencil...it worked great for me too!
    Awesome project!

  2. WOW! That looks so wonderful!!! :) Great job. Megan

  3. After freehand painting that darn cabinet I made, I say stencils are the ONLY way to go!!!


  4. Love the stencil and your color choice! Pink is my fav color:)

  5. Such a cute idea. I was just thinking about how I want to re-do some outdoor cushions. This might be my answer as to how to make them really cute and then I can just pick some waterproof fabric. I would love for you to share this at my link party!

  6. I LOVE your painted pillows!!!! I would love for you to link up at my party going on now at Jillify It! I hope to see you there!!

    Be sure to enter to win a Hobby Lobby gift card while you're there!


  7. love these!! Your newest follower!!!

    I would love it if you could share this on my link party - Serenity Saturday

    Natasha xxx

  8. Love that pattern! If you have time I hope you will come link up at my link party today!

  9. super cute very attractive come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  10. Love the pattern sooo much and the pillows are soooo cool...I made one the other day on white outdoor fabric and freehanded zebra stripes...how fun...I can't wait to try this stencil...

  11. I too won some stencils from cutting edge and I am feeling very guilty cos I haven't got around to using them yet! But that is par for the course with me....I like to work myself up to it haha! However, that said, your pillows turned out lovely and your tutorial has given the the push to get started, thank you for sharing. I hadn't realised I could use acrylic paint and then heat set it!

  12. Love Cutting Edge Stencils... your pillows are super cute. I'm putting them in the Power of Paint Party (PoPP) Spotlight this weekend.

  13. Love those...the pink especially! I just got their Cassablanca craft stencil in small to review and was thinking of doing a pillow; glad I read yours for some tips first! :) I'd have run out of paint too! Would you consider sharing this at my party, going on now?


  14. Visiting from Transformation Thursday. I absolutely love this project and you are truly talented! I am pinning the pillows!

    Thanks for the inspiration and have a great weekend.


  15. These turned out great, I have been wanting to make some pillows like this, thanks for the tutorial. Stopping by from Serenity Now.

  16. Fabulous pillows! I love the pattern.


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