Thursday, February 9, 2012

EBTKS Link Party & Features

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Hey everyone! How y'all feeling? I'm feeling pretty yucky. Last night I could feel the beginning of a cold and today it just blew up and I became a sniffly, snotty, coughing wreck. Sadly, my son caught something and threw up (he's been asleep since 4 p.m.) and my daughter sounds like she's hacking up a lung. So, I called hubs and he came home to help hold down the fort. It's amazing how two of my kids are always catching something and my other daughter is always healthy as can be. She must have an amazing immune system.

Oh, and want to know what else happened to me today? A bird flew into my house! I know! It must have gotten in the garage and flown in when we were coming in from an errand. I didn't believe it when my son said, "uh, mom, there's a bird in the kitchen...." but he was right! I opened our sliding glass door to the porch, got my broom and shooed that little guy out. I'm sure he was as happy to leave as I was to see him go! So, it's been sort of a crazy day!

Now, enough of my nonsense. On to features!

Check out how the Pursuit of Happiness made this oh-so-cute Valentine's with her baby's footprints. Can you tell I have baby on the brain?'s still super cute, though! I love this idea for Grandparents!

 First we have the adorable "key to my heart" V-day art from This Life is Shaken Together. I love the red frame and the key is the perfect touch!

Next we get our taste buds going with these yummy heart shaped mini french toasts from Will Cook for Smiles. Oh, I want some strawberries now! Yum!

And look at this cutie from Crafting with my Cub! The shirt, too. This baby is obviously so thrilled to wear such a cute homemade V-day shirt. Go check it out, since it has been worn by all her babies!

And nothing screams V-day more than a sexy little purse, especially one re-done with this amazing ruffle fabric by The Creative Imperative. She gives a great tutorial if you want one of these beauties for your special day.

Ok everyone, be sure to grab a featured button on the sidebar! 

Now, on to the party. Last week ya'll did great in spreading the news about the link party and we had a lot of new link-ups! Thank you so much! I hope we have another great party this week as well. Be sure to comment, comment and comment some more! And have a healthy weekend! 


  1. Oh no! It sounds like a terrible day; I hope tomorrow is better. It's all fun and games till there's a bird in the house. I love birds, but from a distance for sure :) Makes me think of this video (if you need a laugh tonight)

  2. My boy are both sick so I know how it is :( Hope you all feel better soon! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Hey, Meg! Hope you and your family feel better soon. Thanks for still partying!

  4. Meg, I hope you and your family get to feel better soon!!
    Thanks for still hosting the party for us! :)
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  5. Phooey, I hope you all feel better very soon. It was really nice of hubby to come home early to help out. Thanks for hosting the party in spite of your sicky condition. :|

  6. Being sick sucks for sure, seems like a lot of people have a terrible cough

    anyway thanks for the party I always enjoy it , hope you well soon

  7. Thank you so much for the feature! Thank you for a great party too!

  8. Those colds are not at all nice. DGS brings home fresh colds from grade 3 - and we've had three since September plus a kind of flu. Be better soon.

    I am following and joined in tonight. Thanks for hosting.



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