Sunday, February 26, 2012

Building Blocks for Sophie

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I made these awhile ago, but thought I would share them now. These are the simple name blocks I made for my daughter out of scrap book paper, letter stickers, some sandpaper and mod podge. These are great for helping the youngsters learn to spell their name.
Here’s my sons version
They love them and I enjoyed making them as well! A simple project for a rainy afternoon.


  1. So happy you found me, now I can check out your blog and life and see all the things I most likely won't make. I am not crafty, but I am a total wannabe. I actually could do these blocks though, they seem easy enough.

    Hope to hear more about your life. If you read my blog you know everything about mine, Glenn's rubbed off on me and I am an open book :D

  2. Megan!!!! I'm so glad you commented! Your blog is great with all of these craft ideas. I'm with Marie though, probably won't make too many of them, only because I can't find time. But, I totally want to in spirit!

    How are you? I heard you're having another baby? Maybe I'm wrong. I think there are some pictures of you on my blog because I posted some of those camping pictures from a long time ago.

    So good to hear from you. Hope you are well, and feeling good.

    Take care,


  3. Love your idea for blocks for the kids...I have to do this for my grandson!


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