Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tulips and Chocolate Cake

Ever have one of those days? Where you need to just go into your room, lock the door, eat a lot of chocolate and maybe shed a few tears? Well, that day came and went for me last week and it was a doosey. I was seriously thinking of packing up my bags and heading to a deserted island, where no one would ask me to pick their nose for them or wipe up their bums. Where I wouldn't be expected to do the dishes or a million loads of laundry. Where I could sit back, relax and do what I wanted to do for a change. Ah, yes, that was a serious contemplation for me last week. I went so far as to let my husband know of my plans, so he could be home to take care of the kids when I made my Great Escape.

Well, he didn't let me escape. But, he did let me cry for awhile and he did take 1/2 a day off of work to come home and help me out. And he also brought me these....

....beautiful, white, sweet smelling tulips.... the middle of January....

....he also brought me a yummy, decadent piece of chocolate cake and told me I didn't have to share it with anyone....a mom's dream come true....

...sorry there are no pics of that....I'll tell you, though, it was quite yummy....
So yes, my hard day of wanting-to-give-up came and went and I survived and stuck through it all. The amazing thing was, the next day I had such an appreciation for my children, my husband and my life. It was almost like I woke up from a hazy sleep of misery and noticed all of my lovely blessings.

Then, I saw the piles of laundry....and so I looked at my lovely tulips, and closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and got to work. All the while, sneaking little bites of chocolate cake throughout my day. Life is not so bad. When you have tulips and chocolate cake.


  1. Hi Meg! Thanks for dropping by my place earlier! I saw that you're hosting a link party every Friday. Well then I'll be back for that! And I'll add your blog to my pages of link parties!
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: question...what's a SAHM?

  2. Oooops... forgot to mention... newest follower here! Hope to see you over at my place soon!
    xoxo, Olga

  3. Good for your dear husband in spoiling you just a little! Sometimes even mothers need a little bit of a breakdown--and you're right, it seems to increase their appreciate of you, at least for a little while!

  4. Tulips in January are truly special. Chocolate cake any day is truly special and a husband that knows that is priceless! (Not to mention three precious kids - you really are very blessed!)

  5. What a great guy!! Your tulips are beautiful.

  6. WOW! He. Is. A. Keeper. Men....they all have a lil Prince Charming in them don't they.


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