Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest Editorial- Home Security Family

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a home is infusing it with personal style and character. A house is only truly a home based upon what’s in it: your belongings, decorations, furniture and most importantly, your family.

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To some it matters what sort of TV you place in the living room, or what kind of bookcases you line walls with. You may display precious antiques or collectibles, including family heirlooms passed through several generations. All of these things are part of your home, and contribute to its overall personality, quality and value.
Via All Things Thrifty
Similarly, it matters greatly which sorts of security features you include in your home.  These features control the security not only of you and your family, but of your entire home environment. Here are just a few key security features:
  1. House Alarm - The most common, most basic, and most necessary element of any home security system is the house alarm. These alarms serve two functions: they sound loud alerts in the event of an intrusion and they automatically contact the authorities. Because of these vital functions, and also because the alarm’s control panel can control your entire security system, a house alarm is an essential safety feature.
  2. Motion Detectors - Motion detectors are becoming more common in household security systems.  They provide you with a second layer of security and are relatively cheap to buy and easy to install. If an intruder somehow finds his or her way into your home at night, your motion detectors will provide the same protection as the house alarm on the inside of your home.
  3. Yard Sign or Window Decal - One of the most significant and simple security features that you can buy is a yard sign for your front yard, or decal for your window. While these markers provide no tangible security of their own, they are in fact strong deterrents against crime. If a potential criminal sees a sign in your yard advertising the fact that you are protected by a security company, he or she will be far less likely to attempt to break into your home. 
Home security is a choice for each homeowner. Hopefully, we are all doing our part to protect not only our belongings but our loved ones. Visit  for more information and helpful hints on how to protect your valuables and your family. 


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