Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Quilts

I know I have shared this with you before...that my husband's Grandma is a champion quilter. Seriously, she has won competitions. I feel grateful to have received a few of her lovely quilts for keepsakes. The good thing about having lots of babies, is that you get a handmade baby quilt from Grandma Rosa Mae. I just wanted to share some of this loveliness...

This one was for my oldest daughter...who has a serious love of pink....

...she's the girly one.

This is for my second daughter...who has a serious love of all things color (right now her favorites are orange and green)...

I just love that intricate detail.

And here is my son's baby quilt....that makes me think of a circus, full of life and action and happiness...

....just like my son.


  1. What a heritage for your children!

  2. How fun getting to see the quilts your kids have received! Aren't you excited to see what the next one will be? We sure are! Grandma always makes them so special.

  3. I love the pink baby quilt. The colors are PERFECT.

  4. Those quilts are beautiful! I know you will treasure them. I have a couple from my grandmother and one from my great-grandmother. I did my first "real" quilt last year for my daughter. Actually, I just pieced it and paid someone to quilt it for me- wow, what a lot of work, definitely not my favorite thing to do.

  5. The quilts are beautiful!!! My grandmother made me a quilt when I was younger.. I still have it.. but I used it so much that it's no longer in great condition :(

    Check out my blog too :)


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