Friday, December 16, 2011

Mini Burlap Stockings I love burlap! As part of my friend presents, I made these little burlap stockings. I was going to do a little tutorial, but honestly, I changed the pattern every time I sewed a stocking (I wasn't in love with any of my original designs) and just had fun with it.

At first, I made one side burlap and one side fabric.

Adding contrasting threads and fun zig-zag patterns makes it more fun!

These are my total burlap stockings with "JOY' stamped on the front for some merriment....

 I bought three different colors of burlap (chocolate brown, white, and sage green)...I think I like the white the best.


  1. Cute! I made our family's stockings out of red and natural burlap this year. I love them! I think they just might be our forever stockings. :)

    These mini ones are adorable!!


  2. Cute stockings! I like the prints you selected too.


  3. These are too cute Meg! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!


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